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Angel/Xander recs


1801 Decadence by Bronze DragonBlade

A Mistake Or Fate? (One of my all time faves)

A Boy Named Xander

Adventures of Deadboy and Zeppoby litgal( one my favorie xander/angel fic

Accidental Happiness by snowpuppies

Anything For Love by Amejisuto

Born again by spikewi(warning: bottom!angel..m-preg!angel and spike gets to grow up again)

Conversation by xanzpet
While trying to figure out his new cell phone, Angel makes a surprising connection

Can I Keep Him? - Gentle Lead by sublimatedangel

Cycles of Change by Rimau
Summary: While trying to stop a vampire from ruling the world, Angel changes two lives forever

Dark Kisses by Stephanie M


DMZ by The Spike

Filling Him by Cat

Groping the Groupies by Vera

Forever Mine by MERLIN (my favorite fk/buffy crossover)
Pairings: Angel/Xander, Xander/LaCroix, LaCroix/Nick (implied) and Giles/?

I Finally Remembered You by xanfan

Immortal Bonds by Stephanie M

Kin of the heart by Litgal

Kin of the Soul by Litgal

Just Call Me Angel . .by spikeNdru

Line in the sand by davinci_1985
Summary: “Good morning.” Cordelia greeted, walking noisily into the library, but stopped when the girl let out the most high-pitched squeal and scrambled from her chair, staring at her with wide, frightened eyes.

Matter of Control by Kay (xander/angel/spike/doyle)
Xander gets hit with the effects of a fairly nasty demon. He's going to need Spike's helps, along with Angel and Doyle's, if he's going to live through it

Nexus by Rakshathewolf ( warning this is waayy darker than i usally read but the seuqel makes this worh it..this one is mostly angelus/xander the next one is xander/angel
Caritas by Rakshathewolf (Sequel to Nexus)

Not just another human by Kay (click image)

Primal Passion by sevendeadlyfun
What if Xander had gone after Angel instead of Buffy when he was possessed by the hyena?

Proper Care series (Xander & Puppy)by Adalisa


Resident Evil Arc by Bronze DragonBlade
Summary: Sunnydale is home to more than one kind of evil, an evil with a disarming smile and a preference for vampires...

Rodeo seris by Sue

Sleuthing Lessons by Amejisuto
Movie night with Xander and Angel. Part of the Amnesty!verse

The Blood lands

The Seer by willj

Together at Past

Training Day by Sue

Tame by Benerasq

the s curve

This Mortal Dream by cinder

trickster (angel/xander/spike)by litgal

This Mortal Dream
Unfairly Kinda Gay by xanpet
more here

Until it sleeps

more stuff here

Jet's stuff

Also checkout xangel

Angel/Xander recs not by me
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