September 27th, 2010

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Hello, and welcome to the community here are the tags..have fun. :)
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Archon byTenhawk (buffy/kindred )Xander
Summary : Post S7, What happens in a world abandoned by the Light?

Angel the Embraced?(Angel/kindred)

Big! Bad! Gay! by Lopaka Tanu (buffy/kindred )Xander/Spike ~ Cash/Frank
Summary: Xander really should learn to just shut up.
more here

Blood & The MagnusXXn(buffy/kindred )Xander
Summary: Xander and Cain have a misunderstanding.

Call of the Wild by Jinni(buffy/kindred)W/cash

Masks by Mhalachai (buffy/kindred ) Buffy
Summary: When Buffy ran away after sending Angel to Hell, she ended up in San Francisco, where she learned that vampires aren't the only things that thrive in the darkness.

Moonlit Paths by Jinni (buffy/kindred ) W/Julian
Summary: Willow just can’t escape tragedy – but could this time it lead to love?

New Beginnings: Kindred Laws by Lotusja (buffy/kindred ) gen het luna/Buffy

No Longer the Zeppo by ShannonK (buffy/kindred ) gen het Xander

Nothing is as it seems by wolfshifter (buffy/kindred ) gen
Summary: Xander's life changes over night

Tales Of the Mountie Slayer (Due South/Kindred/Buffy others) RayK/Fraser, RayV /Stella

Outcast by Rorylondra (buffy/kindred/spn )
Summary: Rory and Jasper fall in love and that love results in a phenomenon that could break the entire masquerade wide open. Will Julian Luna allow the infraction or will there be a blood hunt?What will Dean and Sam do?

What Makes a Family by Rorylondra (buffy/kindred/spn )
Summary: It's all about family - the one we're born with and the one we create along the way. Now with Pairings: Sam/Jess, Faith/Dean

Wandererverse by steve and others (Highlander/ Buffy/ Kindred: The Embraced /Poltergeist: The Legacy crossover)*/

Wicked Willow Goes to the City by Anon (buffy/kindred ) gen
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riley fics slash

Riley files

A Domestic Scene --x/r

"Are We Friends?"By Abbie Strehlow--x/r

A Heyer of a Slayer, Book 1 By Ellison Wonderland--x/r
Summary: They say that Georgette Heyer is the poor man's Jane Austen! This 19th-century AU is written in the style of Miss Heyer, with rollicking fun for all.

Anatomy of a Seduction By Jainie G & Mistress Ace---R/S

And If You Weren't There by Denyce-- Oz/Riley/Graham

A Pinch, A Dash by inkandchocolate ---X/R

All You Wanted by Law--r/x/Graham

Bedtime Story by Otsoko --Graham/Xander/Riley in a round about way

Blood for Blood by Otsoko--Graham/Riley

Blood Ties By Spyke Rave--A/R
Summary: A series of related vignettes from a shattered life. Set about 15 years into the future. (2015 A.D.)
Warnings: Rated R, for adult ideas and pairing. Angst. Some strange humour. Crossover with Buffy: the Vampire slayer. Oh yes, and I'm experimenting with style.

Blood Will Tell by crazydiamondsue for turnonmyheels--R/S

Bloody Cheek by Wolfine--S/R

Breathing By Rote by scyllablue--A/R

Bound and Gagged by Starkiller--S/R

Buffy in/a Montreal by Otsoko--implied Xander/Graham

Catawampus by Morgana--S/R
Summary:Spike thinks Riley needs to be put in his place

Circles In The Dust By Abbie Strehlow--x/r

Come a Little Closer By wolfelements--x/r
Summary: “I don’t have a costume,” Xander offered in one last attempt to get out of this. “Really, who wants to watch a non-themed strip show, by someone that can’t dance at that?”

Christmas Shopping by whichclothes--s/r

Damage Done by Idioglossia --A/R

Dangerously Cheesy by nomelon--x/r

Death By Chocolate By Willocwen--Riley Finn/Graham Miller

Domestic Bliss by nomelon--s/r

Dio Divorare by Irda Majere & Zyre--o/r

Defense Mechanisms by whichclothes--s/r

Don't Call It Love by whichclothes--x/r
Summary:Post-series, ignoring comics. Sequel to Wichita. ( ) Riley isn't sure how serious their relationship is, and then a demon gets involved.

Empty rooms, shuttered and dank by nomelon--S/R/A
Summary: He's not tied to this bed, no one is keeping him here, but he knows he won't leave. If they stopped now he'd probably beg them to stay.

Expecting You by Jen'fr --S/R

Filling in the Gaps By inkandchocolate--x/r

Five Birthdays That Never Happened In Sunnydale by soundingsea--S/R

Fresh Brewed by brutti_ma_buoni--x/r

Friends Who Are Boys By Kate Bolin--x/r

Freedom and Fireworks by Mary Ellen & Jen--x/r
more here

Get One By xanzpet --X/R

Grid Systems by idyll for obsessedmuch--Riley Finn/Graham Miller

Gone Missing by inkandchocolate--Riley Finn/Graham Miller

Happenstance By Allyndra --x/r

Hands and Guns By Peapods --X/R

Hangovers and Panic by Caliadragon--s/r/a
Summary: The next morning everyone wakes up and realizes that Xander's gone. The panic starts when they realize Dawn, Andrew and Connor are with him.

Hide With Me by Soft Princess--Riley/Graham (only at the beginning), Xander/Graham --non-con

Hush-Puppy by attackofthebur--x/r

Indiscretions by Saone--L/R

Into The Jungle By Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind--S/R
Summary: Riley and Spike shared some wine and conversation in 'Into the Woods.' In South America, Riley reflects on what happened after, and what happens next.

Iowa Field Notes by trepkos--s/r

Leave By Lucifer Rosemaunt--A/R

Little Soul by Kage Mirai --A/R

Mirror, Mirror by scyllablue --A/R

Mementos by Morgana for sueworld2003--S/R--Major Character Death
Summary: No matter how good a pet is, they can't be kept forever

Nobody's Fool by Otsoko--X/R

Not Have Her By Mazal HaMidbar--S/R
Summary: Two characters continue their male bonding ritual.

Out of the Shadow By Trepkos--S/R--first part moonstruck is here
Summary: How will Riley and Spike find each other again?

Oncoming Train by scyllablue --A/R

Paying Customer By Morgana--S/X

Positions By Law --x/r

Points on the Compass: Snow, Sand, Mud, Blood By Lar--Lindsey/R

Persuasion by sevendeadlyfun--A/R

Pumpkin Pie Syndrome and Other Occupational Hazards By mireille719 --X/R

Razors at Dawn by Jen'fr --A/R

Razorblade series by Joe Lawson--Riley/Graham

Rainmakers By Lar--Lindsey/R

Riley Walks By a very abashed Winterlive--A/R

Redolent By Ice--S/R

Reconnaissance by Lar --Riley Finn/Graham Miller
Summary: Eleven months and time changes little.

Running Men by LindaMarie--R/other male

Redolent by Ice--S/R

Sense Memory by lynnenne --A/R/b

Show Me By Tania--S/R
Summary: After Spike shows Buffy Riley's dirty secret, Riley asks Spike to show him his. Set during Into the Woods.

Shower by Meagan -- Giles/R

Snail Tale by Dr Squidlove--x/r

So Damn Fragile by Kristin--S/R

Someday Maybe by Lori J--x/r

Swing By Te --X/R

Swelter By idyll---Riley Finn/Graham Miller

Sometimes a Cigar By Allyndra --x/r

Special By Te --X/R

Thrust by xanzpet--X/R

Top Dog By Angearia--L/R

Touch by xanzpet--X/R

The Best Place in Town by randi2204--L/R

The Buffy Slayer Parody Show By Suburbaknght--S/R-- dark humor...het and slash muti pairing
Summary: A parody of the Rocky Horror Picture show using the season 4 cast of Buffy.

The Guy Thing by Otsoko-- Xander/Riley, Xander/Riley/Graham

The Job by whichclothes--S/R

The Perfect Beast by Brendan---adam/R


The Love Child of Leslie Nielson By Lachesis

This Is A Test by Sajinn--Spike/Riley/Graham/Oz/Pike

Untitled: A Xander/Riley Story by xanzpet--x/r

Unto Others by inkandchocolate--Lindsey/R
Summary:Once an addict, always an addict. For Riley, though, some addictions are more dangerous than others.

Waiting for Your Call By wolfelements--x/r

What She Knew By Forget Yesterday--S/R
Summary: Dark Riley drabble. Some Riley/Spike.

Whistling Dixie by Allyndra --x/r

Year Of Our Lord by JezT---Spike/Riley

see also
Thrall by Jen'fr --R/A, R/S, R/others

Thralls by neichan --R others
made by hales731

Angel/Xander recs


1801 Decadence by Bronze DragonBlade

A Mistake Or Fate? (One of my all time faves)

A Boy Named Xander

Adventures of Deadboy and Zeppoby litgal( one my favorie xander/angel fic

Accidental Happiness by snowpuppies

Anything For Love by Amejisuto

Born again by spikewi(warning: bottom!angel..m-preg!angel and spike gets to grow up again)

Conversation by xanzpet
While trying to figure out his new cell phone, Angel makes a surprising connection

Can I Keep Him? - Gentle Lead by sublimatedangel

Cycles of Change by Rimau
Summary: While trying to stop a vampire from ruling the world, Angel changes two lives forever

Dark Kisses by Stephanie M


DMZ by The Spike

Filling Him by Cat

Groping the Groupies by Vera

Forever Mine by MERLIN (my favorite fk/buffy crossover)
Pairings: Angel/Xander, Xander/LaCroix, LaCroix/Nick (implied) and Giles/?

I Finally Remembered You by xanfan

Immortal Bonds by Stephanie M

Kin of the heart by Litgal

Kin of the Soul by Litgal

Just Call Me Angel . .by spikeNdru

Line in the sand by davinci_1985
Summary: “Good morning.” Cordelia greeted, walking noisily into the library, but stopped when the girl let out the most high-pitched squeal and scrambled from her chair, staring at her with wide, frightened eyes.

Matter of Control by Kay (xander/angel/spike/doyle)
Xander gets hit with the effects of a fairly nasty demon. He's going to need Spike's helps, along with Angel and Doyle's, if he's going to live through it

Nexus by Rakshathewolf ( warning this is waayy darker than i usally read but the seuqel makes this worh it..this one is mostly angelus/xander the next one is xander/angel
Caritas by Rakshathewolf (Sequel to Nexus)

Not just another human by Kay (click image)

Primal Passion by sevendeadlyfun
What if Xander had gone after Angel instead of Buffy when he was possessed by the hyena?

Proper Care series (Xander & Puppy)by Adalisa


Resident Evil Arc by Bronze DragonBlade
Summary: Sunnydale is home to more than one kind of evil, an evil with a disarming smile and a preference for vampires...

Rodeo seris by Sue

Sleuthing Lessons by Amejisuto
Movie night with Xander and Angel. Part of the Amnesty!verse

The Blood lands

The Seer by willj

Together at Past

Training Day by Sue

Tame by Benerasq

the s curve

This Mortal Dream by cinder

trickster (angel/xander/spike)by litgal

This Mortal Dream
Unfairly Kinda Gay by xanpet
more here

Until it sleeps

more stuff here

Jet's stuff

Also checkout xangel

Angel/Xander recs not by me

Buffy/Giles recs


Abject Adoration by Bad Girl of Buffonia (wip)

Adrenaline by Holly

All the Jellies by Marta Jadczyk

All's Fair in Love and Rugby by Selena

Always, Forever by Mydnyght

And Buffy Makes Three by Holly

And the Rest Is Silence by Amywyn

As The World Falls Down by Sara Jung ( warning Buffy's underage)

Enough by Denorios

Ewww! by Sherry King

Giles Family Series by Froxyn

Had Jenny spoken by Gabriele Schulz

Haunted by Renee

It Doesn't Matter by Denorios( warning Buffy's underage)

I’m Going Home by Carmilla

Loving and Losing by Nightbird

Mind Games by Cassandra

My Man by Gabriele Schulz

Nobody Else by Denorios

Think of Something Cool by G-Woman

The Calling Series by A. Manley Haight

The Futility of Grand Gestures by blairprovence

The Abyss Series by Blair Provence

The Parallels Series by Gabriele Schuz

The Permission Series by Jacqui

The Waiting by Greg Bonkowski

This Is Bad Girl of Buffonia

Passage by WorstWitch

Q&A by Froxyn

more stories at buffy/giles fanfic page
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A New Start by Sibling (Xander/Buffy)
Summary: Things ended just slightly differently in the last battle with Glory, and one of the Scoobies is left broken.

A Promise to Betty Louise by 2_viKING_liMit (Xander/Buffy)

Ivory Soap by outoftime(Xander/Buffy)

Life…and Cupcakes by 2_viKING_liMit (Xander/Buffy)

Over Me by Dafmeister (Xander/Buffy)
Summary: Buffy asks Xander to reconsider some things.

The Bright Blessed Day, the Dark Sacred Night by NWHepcat(Xander/Buffy)

The Heart and the Whole by Pat Kelly (Xander/Buffy)
Summary: Buffy overhears a conversation.

Third Time's the Charm by Laura Shapiro (Xander/Buffy)

Vamp tales by Crys Loch (Willow/Buffy/Xander)

Xander Loved Her Once by softly_me (Xander/Buffy)

more to come here

other people's recs here
made by hales731

searching for Angel/Xander

Searching for a Angel/Xander fic, called Fordged In Hell(hyena!xander), buffy stays gone and Xander's pack patrols the hellmouth. On patrol he runs across a newly returned from hell Angel...they fight for dominance and angel wins and is the new lord of the hellmouth.

Good story, any help will be most welcomed.
thank you :)

Eta story found see comments.