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Alarms by Aviatrix (Buffy/Dawn)

Apart of Her by pat2082 (Buffy/Dawn)

Buffy Catches Dawn by FicFan69 (Buffy/Dawn, fem-orgy)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Nasty Buffy and Dawn by Adam Smith

Closer to the Heart by me-llamo-nic (Willow/Buffy)

If It's Not One, It's The Other by kben (Dawn/Faith)

The Beanstalk by snowpuppies(Dawn/Faith)

What Happens Behind Closed Doors(Dawn/ Buffy, buffy other fem all incest)
more here
Tags: buffy/dawn, dawn/faith, fem!slash, recs, threesome-f/f/f, willow/buffy

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