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mixed slash recs

A Week in the Unlife Of… by Darkhavens (spander)

Any Place But Those I Know By Heart by Amatia (X-Files/Angel: The Series --Jeff Spender-jr/Wesley Wyndham-Pryce)
Overall Rating: NC-17
Summary: After being shot by his father, Jeffrey Spender tries to make a new life in Los Angeles.

Apocalypse Laterish by Metaforgirl (spander)

Babylon by Tabaqui (spander)

Bitsucati by Amatia (Angel/X-Files cross-over.Angel/Fox Mulder)
Summary:Another little weird crossover, because people actually asked for it. And the curse - what curse?

A Beautiful Friendship by Salustra & Pet (spander)

Soft Science by sajinn
SummaryCrossover with CSI. How will the CSI team deal with the reality of Sunnydale? Gri/Sp, Gre/Gri, Gre/Sp, N/X, Sa/Wa R: language, slash, violence.

Sunnydale Sluts by joshishot88 (Riley/Spike , Angel / Xander)

Wilfully Oblivious (stages of love challange) by Darkhavens (spander)

Wish I Was Here by Reremouse (spander)

Women Suck By Spikedluv (spander)

Words of Advice by Nashmaveric (spander)
and the sequal, The Gambler Returns

ETA Added alternative links
Tags: angel / xander, crossover, other male pairing, riley/spike, spander

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