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Eleven Twenty Three O Five by Rngrdead --spander .--Liked
Summary: What if a new watcher/ex Scoobie caught on patrol and a certain law firm had an agenda… and a vampire.

Forty-Eight Hours In The Lives of Xander The Bear And The Vamp Who Came Back --spander .--Liked

Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn't Meet by Spikedluv --spander .--Liked

200 Years by Reremouse --spander .--Liked
Summary: Sod instinct. It's Harris. And apparently, he's dead.


Acceptance by Eyezrthewindows -- S/X/Angel.--Liked
Summary:Spike takes a newly vamped Xander to Angel for acceptance into the family. S/X/Angel.

Afraid of a Little Fire? by Dragon's Phoenix --spander (de-chipped!spike).--Liked

Aftermath by Beetle --spander .--Liked

An Alphabet of Feelings by Darkhavens-- spander.--Liked
Summary: A set of twenty six 'mood drabbles', in alphabetical order.

Angst Monkey by Kaygrr. spander --slave!xander isn't my thing but i liked the spander part , but it's not somthing i'd likely re-read.

Angelus byKage Mirai --Angelus/Xander.--Liked

Becoming Whole by Creed & Echos Revenge --S/X/Angel--Liked

Being a Vampire Really Sucks by saturngirl --spander .--Liked(this fic found using replay that means you may have to wait five or more seconds for it to load.)

Blood and Smokes by Brandil-- spander.--Liked
Summary: Set in The Wishverse

Cold Comfort by Jackson -- spander.-- aww sad but I Liked it

Cycles of Change by Rimau --Xander/Angel--Liked(this fic found using replay that means you may have to wait five or more seconds for it to load.)

Daddy's Boy by Sparrow2000 -- spander.-- okay

Daddy!Verse by Rowaine-- spander.--Liked

Dark Kitten by Fyredansa -- spander.--Liked it very much
Summary:Dru turns Xander

Dark Mirror by invisionary--Xander/Vamp Willow --Liked
Summary: Sometimes all you can do is pretend.

Deadboy and Zeppo--Xander/Angel--Liked (this fic found using replay that means you may have to wait five or more seconds for it to load.)

Dead Heat by Kidcyclone -- spander,other.--Liked it very much
Summary:The continuing saga of the new Fanged Four

Death By Meth by Scorpio-- spander.--Liked
Author's Note: I've been drug free for a smidgen over eleven years now. Yea me!

Death Becomes Them by Kayla-- spander.--Liked it very much--dark..cds

Demon’s Childe by Creed-- spander.--S/X/Angel--Liked

Dies Irae by Electricalgwen-- spander.--Liked
Author's Notes: Takes place in BtVS season 7, starting from roughly before Lies My Parents Told Me. I have taken mild liberties with the timeline, though, in terms of when Spike's trigger is discovered. For instance, Spike's kidnapping has already happened, the seal is opened and the Turok-han are freed, but Spike is not yet known to be killing under compulsion from the First. If you haven't seen S7 BtVS, you will have trouble following the plot and will be spoiled. Warnings for NC-17 rating and mild bloodplay.

Dying Was Worth It by Eyezrthewindows-- spander.--Liked
Summary:It's Baby!Vamp!Xander with a pinch of Spander for flavour.

Embraced by Rune -- spander.-- okay
Summary: Xander is horrified to find he's in love with Spike

Everlasting Love by Amejisuto-- spander.--Liked

Evil Soulless Things by Cicirossi-- spander.--Liked
Summary: Spike makes a wish, and then things are... different.

Ghosts of the past by Simone of the Zordiak--A(us)/X-- okay, but I'm not likely re-read it

Good Nurse by Michelle -- spander.--Liked

Going Home by Nash -- spander.--Liked
Summary:Spike decides to leave the Hellmouth and take his boy with him.

Halloween Gift by Darkhavens-- spander.--Liked
Summary: The first of two linked Halloween fics where the boys celebrate in their own inimitable style, with a little magical help.

Ice-Cream by Maz -- spander.--Liked
Summary: Set during the summer before season 1, Xander's life is changed radically when vampires invade it.

If It Weren't For Bad Luck… by Jameschick -- spander.--Liked
Summary: Written for the batpack’s March Challenge. Dawn is convinced that she has the worst luck ever.

Keep it in the Family by Skargasm -- spander.--Liked
Summary:What happens when Spike gets a little brother?

Kitten!Verse by Beetle --spander, xander/dru--Loved

Kniaz' t'my by Kisa -- spander, other.--Loved
Summary:Xander goes back over 300 years in time to Russia in the 1600's, where he is turned, and lives life as a Vampire until he reaches modern times again. Now a much-older-than-Spike Master Vampire, he claims Spike as his own.

Lab Rat by Rimau --Xander/Angel--Liked(this fic found using replay that means you may have to wait five or more seconds for it to load.)
Summary: Xander gets really tired of being Giles' lab rat. Angel feels bad about Buffy. They decide to do something about the situation, but then an investigating Watcher complicates everything.

Leather and Lace by Witling -- spander.--Liked
Summary: Illyria took her Pet back with her after the Fall. An old friend found him. Given time, they both might just rescue each other.

Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike by Scorpio -- spander.--Liked
Summary:Time has come full circle and Spike has arrived in Sunnydale for the first time, again

Listening and Lies by Daedreams-- spander.--Liked--dark
Summary: Spike and Xander discover that they have more in common than they thought.

Lucky by Spikedluv-- spander.--Liked

Lost Boy by Beetle-- spander.--Liked
Summary: For mirasol, who wanted “any combination of your choice between Spike/Jesse/Xander and the prompt is’ Everybody Hurts, by REM. Three ficlets, 1500 words. Whether the protag is Xander or Jesse is entirely up to the reader *bows*

Love's Bitch by Sorrel-- spander.--Liked
Summary: Wishverse AU. Sometimes, you need something a little different.

Lovers Walk Redux by Nash -- spander.--Liked
Summary: Spike decides to replace Dru with Xander.

Momento Mori by OtherCat-- spander.--S/X/Angel--Liked
Summary:Spike and Xander are having problems. Xander broods, amateur philosphy occurs. Angel mediates.

New Experiences by Piksa-- spander.--Liked
Summary: Spike has a plan. This is situated to btvs season 3 but goes AU straight from the beginning.

No More Snakes And Ladders by reremouse and tabaqui-- spander.--Liked

Not Forgotten by sukiblue-- spander.--Liked

Journey to Another Hell by Feygan--Xander/Jean-Claude/Asher--Loved

Once It Begins by DruffineWIP -- spander.--Liked

Permutations of Humanity by Creed & Echos Revenge -- spander.--Liked
Summary:Re-write of 'I Will Remember You'. It's Xander who comes visiting Angel and both are found and turned by Spike

Plaything by Lady Cat --spander--Loved
Summary:Xander likes his own toy much better than Willow's Puppy

Red Diamonds by Skargasm -- spander.--Liked
Summary:Miss Edith wants what Miss Edith wants...

Reminded by Spikedluv-- spander.--Liked

Reasons For Living by Narcolepticcat-- spander.--Liked

Rewards by Margie -- spander.--Liked
Summary:Xander wonders about the past, fate, and the Powers That Be. Crossover with Firefly, X/S, X/Jayne

Something Wicked This Way Cums by Trixx WIP -- spander.-- S/X/Angelus.--Liked
Summary:Spike has just come to Sunnydale; the Master is dead, and the Annoying one still has a Slayer problem.

The Assistant by witling
The Middleman Spike/Xander AU; sequel to The Assistant

The Choice by Saturn girl (this fic found using replay that means you may have to wait five or more seconds for it to load.)

The Forevermore!verse by Amejisuto-- spander.--Liked

The More Things Change by Slashtheboyz WIP-- spander.--Liked
Summary: Xander goes to LA on a fact finding trip and finds Angelus instead. Scariness happens.

The Right Tool by Whichclothes --spander--Loved

The Viking series by Jameschick --spander--Loved

This Year's Vamp by China Shop-- spander.--Liked

Thrice Damned by Denied Heaven

Tired by Spiceblueeyes-- spander.--Liked
Summary: Spike finds a very tired Xander.

Trickster by Litgal-- spander -- S/X/Angel.--Loved
Summary: Xander's halloween costume turns him into a Master vampire sired by Nusa the Strigoi over 900 years ago.

Unlife Interrupted WIP-- spander.--Liked
Vamp!Xander is cursed with a soul.
first part here
Unlife!Verse by Beetle -- Xangel
Summary: vampirellabites’s prompt: Xangel and the lyrics to Mouth, by Bush. Two hundred words.

Vampire Hunter by Kirallie-- xander/ dean(spn/buffy).--Loved
Summary: Very AU and slash.Sunnydale is long gone leaving few survivors, one of whom didn't really survive. What happens when he meets a hunter in a club?

Vertigo by Beetle-- spander.--Liked

Weird Vamp!verse by Amejisuto-- spander.--Liked

What Dies Inside Us by Sevendeadlyfun -- spander, other.--Liked
Summary: AU. The creation of a new Fanged Four. Multiple pairings.

What I Need by Perverted Pages -- spander.--Liked
Summary: Someone takes his kitten away and Spike fights to get him back. Goes AU after School Hard

What's Mine Is Yours by Angel Jade -- spander, other.--okay
Summary:Xander is caught by pre-chipped Spike and Angelus

White Roses by Emella -- spander.--Liked
Summary:The roses were stained with blood. That’s the first thing he remembered

The Wish Effect by frk_werewolf
Summary:Xander should know not to make wishes.

Dark Side of the Moon by moosesal
Tags: angel / xander, crossover, spander, vamp!xader recs, xander/angel/spike, xander/spike

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